about us

We are Sobras!, a community of responsibilEaters who want to decrease food waste to help our environment.


Human population has doubled in the last 50 years; unfortunately, the size of the Earth and agricultural production has not. More people need more food. However, the soil, the water and other resources are all limited. We must use and distribute the food we produce more wisely and efficiently so it does not go to waste. Currently, food waste is a global problem and accounts for approximately 1.3 billion tons per year.


Part of this waste comes from the dining and food retail sectors. One of the main reasons for this waste is that prepared food does not always get sold before closing time or before its expiration date. Through Sobras! would like to change and reward behavior that decreases food waste. Our goal is to “taste without waste” and to support our Earth with our responsible decision making.

The Story

Three years ago we were working as event organizers. There was a late, end-of-year party for an IT company. We were in charge of location, entertainment, decorations and of course food. We had this huge buffet and I am pretty sure, we had dishes from every country in the world. We tried just to taste all of the desserts, but couldn’t get to the end of them. After this event, -like so many times- we had to throw a massive amount of food in the trash. It wasn’t the first time and it wasn’t the last time this has happened, but that event was where we recognized the problem was growing bigger day by day. As we were watching the staff throw away all that expensive, quality food, we were talking about how they probably do this every night at most restaurants, and we realized that with the right approach, there could be a market for it.

The more we talked the more we started to understand that this is a global problem witch also means there could be a global market. And Sobras! was born. We expanded our idea with business intelligence to be smart, and put it on a platform so it can be accessible and benefit all.


The number of meals Sobras! will aim to save globally per year.


Tonnes of CO2* we will eliminate per year

*Each meal saves the planet from 2.5 Kg of CO2.
Calculation source: The EPA – United States Environmental Protection Agency.

We hear you

We’re sure you had all stood in line in some kind of restaurant or shop right before closing, looked at all the delicious food prepared and thought: who is going to eat all this before closing time?

Imagine, just since this morning, the amount of food discarded by restaurants around you could fill a football field and the day is far from over. Food waste is technically the third largest economy in terms of CO2 emissions, just behind the US and China. This amount of food could also feed nearly 1 billion people. Unfortunately, one-third of the food produced for human consumption ends up in the trash. Tonight, when we all sit down for a lovely dinner, keep in mind, you are actually throwing away every third bite.

The Sobras! team has found an effective solution which can significantly reduce waste in the food industry by combining our business intelligence with our app.  Through promoting a sense of responsibility regarding food waste and consumption, Sobras! could be a practical and financially efficient local solution to a global problem.