Wasting food is not cool 🙂 Be a responsibilEATER.

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Meals for half price = less food waste = more responsibility = more sustainability = more Sobras! Credits

coming sOon!

I am interested. I’ll join!

Do you care for the environment and like to eat at discounted prices?

Stop food waste and taste!

Click to join and save the surplus food together!

I am interested. I’ll join!

How does it work?

Why Sobras!?


You need only to download the app, specify your settings for your personalized taste and favorites, and you can choose the meal you would like to eat today!


Pay online, and all you have to do is to get your order with your identification number in the restaurant by the agreed upon time. This way you don’t need to wait for your food, which can help you save time.


Unfortunately, huge amounts of food get thrown out in restaurants at the end of each day. This waste is a heavy burden on the environment. Act for our future on Earth, be a responsiblEater!

fresh food

It is recommended to eat fresh food every day, which sounds good, but many of us do not have time to cook. Choose from your personalized menu and eat fresh, varied meals in restaurant-like quality, at home.

you can save money

Sobras! cares about your finances. You can eat meals from your favorite restaurant much cheaper, without any change in the usual quality or quantity.

our movement

You win by getting high-quality, fresh food, at significant discounts, the restaurant also wins as it sells the surplus and saves on food waste. We are encouraging restaurants to participate and…

Pick food types You like

Pick food types You like

Pick food types You like