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Sustainable, and effortless waste management for your business, reach new customers and increase your profits

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Sobras! your waste management partner!

Become a partner and we help you sustainably decrease food waste, be smarter about inventory management, and increase the bottom line while also providing food to the hungry and access a group of new customers, i.e. responsibilieaters

Sobras! APP

  • Download the Sobras! application for free
  • Upload your surplus food supply to the app
  • Sell it instead of throwing it to the bin
  • Reach new customers
  • Earn extra income through our income sharing model
  • Take responsibility for the environment!
  • Independents, bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, catering businesses


  • Benefit from running your own waste management BI system (based on our proven and tested application) at no cost to you
  • Create and forecast your yearly/monthly/daily sales and inventory (even HR) plans
  • Follow your operation effortlessly, receive alerts and paths to maximizing your profit and decreasing your waste
  • Unlock your data’s potential for the benefit of your own business and for the environment!
  • You will find this to be very simple, but we are happy to help and train of course!

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Certification system!

  • Complete our certification system, fill out our survey here!
  • We will help you in 10 minutes to identify areas where your can improve your business in the area of sustainability.
  • We offer solutions and connect you with proven partners to reach your sustainability targets
  • We support you in becoming a part of a sustainable circular economy!
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We reduce food waste and help our environment We help provide quality food to those who cannot otherwise afford it We reward responsible consumer decisions by providing our “good housekeeping seal of approval” for those who wish buy food from locations that manage waste responsibly

Become a community,
with 0% food-waste and
set a model that can be
replicated in other cities

I love the concept, I would like to be a part of the movement at no cost to me!